A roguelike building game

Finally Ants is an unforgiving turn based roguelike building game in which you are in control of a newly founded
ant colony with just a few worker ants and a queen. Your goal is to grow your nest big enough to be able to hatch
and sustain enough flying drones to be able to start a new colony.



Send out ants to discover your surroundings,
different tiles can yield different food types,
hatch soldier ants to kill other insects
but don’t stay out for too long or winter
will kill your ants





Scavenge for building materials and expand your
nest Specialized rooms allow you to house more
ants, keep the nest from degrading, allows to
farm mushrooms or herd lice




  • Roguelike building game
  • Random world generation, every playthrough has different challenges
  • Build up to 8 different rooms in your colony
  • Hatch Soldier Ants and defeat other insects for more food
  • Seasons affect the amount of food you can find and can kill your ants in winter
  • Events can help or hinder your expansion
  • Scoreboard



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